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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Braden Dental Center offers effective, non-surgical relief from sleep apnea and other sleep related disorders -- including snoring! Wondering if we can help you get the rest you're missing? Tired of the medical apparatus recommended by your doctor?

We can help people with mild, moderate or severe sleep apnea and serve patients in Lake Geneva area!

Rest assured, once you meet Drs. Mark, Ryan and Jaymie Braden and the entire team here, you'll know you've come to the right place!

Who would've thought relaxing at the dentist was even a possibility?

Why Choose Braden Dental Center for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Finding the right sleep apnea dentist around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is certainly no simple task. It's important to do your research, talk to friends and consider your options. However, when it comes to choosing a sleep apnea dentist who can help you relax while figuring out your treatment options, the choice is clear.

Whether you're someone who's never been a big fan of their Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) mask or even someone who's looking to cure their snoring problem, Drs. Mark and Ryan Braden's warm personalities will put you at ease.

Snoring - More Than Just Noise

Snoring is caused when the jaw opens and the tongue falls into the back of the throat, causing the airway to narrow and forcing air through the small opening. This creates vibrations in the throat known as snoring. Although snoring seems physically harmless, it can be a warning sign of a more serious and dangerous condition called obstructive sleep apnea.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway completely collapses, blocking airflow into the lungs. The harder one tries to breathe, the tighter the airway seals. This airway obstruction persists until the brain partially awakens the person, unconsciously closing the jaw and returning the tongue and throat to a normal position.

What are the Risks of Having Sleep Apnea?

The sleep apnea cycle - falling asleep, jaw relaxing, airway collapsing, unconsciously awaking with a gasp, falling back asleep - can repeat itself 50 or more times per hour during the night. With a blocked passageway, one does not receive enough oxygen. Both the awakenings and oxygen deprivation can then trigger other health problems, including chronic sleepiness, headaches, depression, exhaustion, high blood pressure, and even strokes and heart attacks.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause:

• Memory problems
• High blood pressure
• Increased risk of stroke
• Decreased life expectancy
• Weight gain
• Depression and irritability
• Difficulty concentrating
• Impotency
• Headaches
• Daytime fatigue

What are the Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea?

• Being overweight
• Smoking
• Having a larger than normal neck circumference
• Uncontrolled high blood pressure
• A narrow throat or enlarged tonsils/adenoids
• Men are twice as likely to have sleep apnea as women
• Being over the age of 40
• Family history of sleep apnea
• Nightly alcohol or sedative use

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

Anyone who experiences any of the following warning signs of sleep apnea (or whose bed partner notices these symptoms) should consider getting screened for sleep apnea:

• Loud snoring
• Waking frequently to catch your breath
• Gasping for breath or periods of non-breathing during sleep
• Serious fatigue during the daytime

How Does Braden Dental Center Effectively Treat Sleep Apnea?

Drs. Mark and Ryan Braden treat sleep apnea and snoring with an appliance called an Orthotic Adjustable Positioner. This appliance holds the mandible (lower jaw) forward during sleep to prevent the tongue and soft tissues of the throat from collapsing into the airway.

By adjusting the degree to which the mandible is held forward, the doctors can maximize both the effectiveness of the appliance and the patient's comfort. Clinical studies show that these appliances have up to a 90% success rate in alleviating snoring and sleep apnea.

Best of all, Braden Dental Center can help people who've failed with using oral appliances in the past.

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